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Visitor management in the office

Would you like to be able to evacuate your building properly in case of an emergency? Would you like to manage the flow of visitors better? Would you like to grant organized access to your building or site? EVA Visitor Management offers the solution! 

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EVA in the office

EVA Solutions provides Visitor Registration and Visitor Management solutions for offices, school buildings and government agencies. As such, EVA is also the perfect solution for your organization. 

In offices and collective buildings a number of factors play an important role:

Professional visitor reception
Evacuate with the EVA BHV-app
Attendance registration & Access control
Outlook or Google integration
Meeting room or parking reservation

Specialist work

The above focus areas are a specialty work for EVA Solutions! With a background in IT, process optimization and quality management, we not only deliver a high quality solution at a competitive price but also an excellent service. Because of our experience, we are an excellent partner when it comes to your future needs and developments.


Often it is the KAM-coordinator or SHEQ-manager who ensures that the legislation in the field of working conditions (health and safety), quality and environment is observed. In addition to the safety and health of employees, the safety and, now more than ever, the health of your visitors such as office visitors, mechanics, contractors and truck drivers also play a significant role. We ensure that you comply with all the requirements of these laws and regulations. From small and medium-sized enterprises to multinationals and from national to international companies.

They went before you:

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Experiences from our customers

Wij zijn erg blij met EVA als Bezoekersregistratiesysteem. Het werkt echt feiloos en ik heb het al aan diverse relaties aanbevolen.

Marc Lembrechts, technology Director, Gemini Corp.

Gemini Corporation (BE)
Service, Support and Excellent Accessibility

Why EVA Solutions?

If you choose EVA, you choose for involved and expert employees who stand for service and quality. A partner for the long term who continues to innovate and develop. We take your concerns off your hands completely.

With a motivated team, we strive daily for a 9+ customer experience. We do this with excellent service and telephone accessibility of expert advisors for customers at home and abroad. Besides all this, EVA Solutions is also socially involved and we support various charities.

Completely AVG-Proof

Available in all languages

24/7 support

Expert helpdesk

Advice on procedures and processes

Flexible sign-in procedures per type of visitor

Different registration terminals available

Projects, integrations & customization possible


How does the EVA system work?

EVA Visitor Registration is a cloud-based solution, which means we do not install the system locally but it is available remotely. We will create a customised environment for you, designed completely in line with your branding.

All you need at your site is a UTP internet connection with a cable and a 220-volt connection. If you have connected a badge printer, two internet connections are required, along with 2 or 3 electric connections.

We will install the system on the day of delivery and provide a brief training session for key users, ensuring you can start using the visitor registration system right away.

If you are interested in a no-obligation demonstration, feel free to schedule one on Skype or at your site.

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Is it possible to register visitors in advance?

Yes, this is certainly possible: visitors can be pre-registered in EVA. They will receive a formal email containing all the instructions they need for their visit. Your visitors can use the enclosed QR code to sign up quicker on-site. In addition, a calendar file (iCal) will be enclosed, so as to enable the appointment to be saved in Outlook right away.

By pre-registering visitors, the reception desk or security department is aware of who is expected when and can make the necessary arrangements, e.g. by making available access passes or badges.

Discuss your practical situation with us during a demonstration. We will be pleased to show you how the system works.

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Can I also register visitors via Outlook?

Yes, you can! You can easily pre-announce visitors via the Outlook plugin. More information about this will follow shortly. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. You can do this by phone or via the chat at the bottom right of the screen.
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Can EVA be linked to our access control or time-logging system?

EVA is equipped with an API which can be used for linking. Whether a link can be created basically depends on the other system and on what you would like to achieve. Are you looking for comprehensive attendance registration, access automation or a fully automated visitor registration system? We provide all these options – and more.

For example, Aras Security created a link to CardAccess which facilitates the above. We are also working on creating links to other systems. Read here what types of links are possible and view some reference cases.

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Can I print out lists of visitors present in the building for the Company Emergency Response Team in the event of an emergency?

While it is indeed possible to print out this information, we recommend using our free Company Emergency Response App to enable your Company Emergency Response Team to proceed to the Company Emergency Response gathering point immediately and check who is still missing. This makes it possible to inform first-responders correctly right away.

The app also enables users to immediately contact various first-responders, the GP or internal Company Emergency Response Officers.

You can schedule an appointment for a no-obligation demo on-site.

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Does EVA also supply the hardware?

Yes, it certainly does: EVA provides you with full support and delivers a comprehensive package, ranging from a reception desk terminal with a 10” tablet to a column with a 22-inch touchscreen and an integrated printer. We can also provide badges, call credit, badge holders, lanyards and other items.

We truly have an appropriate solution for any situation. If you prefer to make your own arrangements, this is possible too. However, it is important that you make clear exactly what you want, so we can ensure together that you have the best possible experience with the visitor registration software.

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Is it possible to have our safety regulations or safety video accepted?

EVA allows you to display your internal rules, hygiene regulations or safety video, depending on the type of visitor (e.g. office visitors, contractors or drivers), depending on the type of visitor. You can even ask security questions or include a VCA statement – all for the purpose of ensuring your visitors’ safety and limiting your liability. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

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Does EVA also run on operating systems other than Apple?

Certainly: we provide a web-based solution, which makes it device-independent.

While iPad is the most popular format, we also deliver solutions for Android or Windows operating systems,

ranging from a reception desk terminal with a 10” tablet to a column with a 22-inch touchscreen and an integrated printer. We truly have an appropriate solution for any situation. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information. We look forward to helping you with solutions to improve your processes.

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Can groups be registered in one go?

Yes, the pre-registration module allows you to register large groups simultaneously, which you’ll find is very convenient for meetings, training courses or company visits. You can put out visitor passes in advance or send pre-registration emails containing instructions.

If you’re interested, we will be pleased to show you a demo of how it works.

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Can we print personalised visitor passes?

Yes, this option is available. There are many different options for connecting printers. We operate several printers through port-forwarding or locally through Airprint. This ranges from white non-adhesive labels to badges or stickers pre-printed with your logo, depending on your requirements and the technical facilities available.

Feel free to contact us for further details and advice.

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Is it possible to operate access barriers automatically?

Yes, you have the option to activate your access barriers or fences by using QR code readers or through, for example, number plate recognition. The system is perfect for businesses with enclosed grounds, including logistics compounds. Please note that this does require a link to your access control system. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas, or read more on our Links page.

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Can I receive a demonstration?

Of course, this can be arranged. A demo is an excellent opportunity for us to discuss your practical situation, and we can advise you of the options available based on our experience with a variety of systems in numerous sectors and industries.

You can schedule an appointment for a no-obligation demo on-site.

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Is your question not listed here?

Are you already a user of EVA Visitor Registration and do you have questions about the use of the software? Feel free to contact our helpdesk via or ask your question via the servicedesk. .

Are you not yet an EVA user and do you have questions about functionalities, possibilities or connections? Please contact our customer service via or via telephone +31(0)26 312 11 69.

Naar de servicedesk

Hoe onderhoud ik mijn iPad?

Vele gebruikers van EVA Bezoekersregistratie hebben één of meerdere iPads. Echter hebben deze sinds de vele updates van Apple iets meer aandacht nodig. Daarom leggen wij in een video uit hoe u uw iPad op de juiste manier kan beheren.

Klik hier voor de video.

Hoe maak ik een extra notificatie via een pop-up in Outlook?

Er zijn verschillende mogelijkheden om op de hoogte gebracht te worden dat uw bezoeker is aangemeld in het EVA Bezoekersregistratie systeem. 

Standaard gaat dit via e-mail, maar dit bericht kan nog wel eens onopgemerkt blijven. U kunt ervoor kiezen om de notificatie via een SMS bericht in te stellen of het EVA systeem te laten bellen, maar hier zijn kosten aan verbonden. Heeft u hierin interesse? Neem hiervoor dan contact op onze afdeling verkoop via 

Een andere methode om een extra notificatie te krijgen in Outlook is het aanmaken van een Regel. Hiermee kunt u een extra notificatie krijgen in de vorm van een POP-UP met de melding dat uw bezoeker is gearriveerd. Wel zo prettig! Om dit in te stellen hebben wij een instructie geschreven die via onderstaande link beschikbaar is.

Via deze link vindt u de instructie