Glob icon Eva Visitor Registration

A complete attendance registration in case of calamities

By having your visitors and employees sign in, you realize a complete presence registration. This gives you a complete overview of all persons in your building. This overview also makes it possible to evacuate your building correctly.

Your employees can sign in and out very easily via the sign-in column. This can be done manually or by scanning a QR tag. 

A handy by-product for the payment of the commuting allowance is that by registering employees, you immediately have proof that they have been to the office.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Link with access control or time recording systems

Have you already organized access to their premises or grounds by means of an access control system? If so, your employees may already have a tag or drop that can be used to operate doors or fences. Or do you have a time registration system for your staff that records their presence?

If so, ask us for the possibilities of integrations. In this way we automatically take over the presence of your employees in EVA so that you can create one overview.

Check here which links are already available.