What is corona measures will be relaxed?

What the world will look like when corona measures slowly are relaxing, is not completely clear yet. What we do know is that a visitor stream will gradually start up again. Are you prepared to receive visitors? How is your organization dealing with for example 1.5 meter distance rules (a dutch requirement)?

Mechanics, truck drivers, suppliers and customers will gradually visit your company again. Which rules do you have to prevent a further spread of the corona virus? EVA Visitor registration helps you to get prepared! 

Digital reception

Your reception is a gate where many employees and visitors pass thru during the day. On the EVA sign-in terminal your visitors register themselves and so automatically keep 1.5 meter distance to your receptionist. For the meantime you can also choose to fully digitalize your reception to significatly reduce the chance of contamination. You can also place the terminal on a special place of your choice and easily move it later. Terminals can be placed on the floor, against the wall or on your reception desk.

Pre registration for good planning and quick registration

Pre-register your visitors in EVA visitor management. This speeds up the registration process upon arrival. This means time saving and less contact moments.

  • In the list of pre-registrations you can see per day how late meetings are planned. By adjusting your own planning based on other meeting you can prevend that multple visitors will arrive at the same time. So you make sure there is a good spread of visitors amongst the day. This way you guarantee a save distance at the reception.

  • By pre-registration of your visitors, he or she will receive an invitation per email with a QR-code that can easily and quickly be scanned upon arrival. All personal data is already filled in and this way the touchscreen only has to be touched a couple of times!

  • In the invitation email you can prepare your visitors for their visit by sharing which Corona measuremenst your organization takes. This way your visitors know what to expect and can prepare themselves accordingly. For example: ‘For your own safety we ask you to take your qr-code for quick registration and come straight on time, and not earlier. Thereby you prevend waiting lines at the reception.’

  • Per visitor type you can give clear directions about where they should report to on your terrain. It is very efficient to make sure truck drivers and contractors report at the right entrance. This prevends unnecessary contact moments and movement on your companies terrain.

Acceptation of hygiene- and safetyregulations

With EVA you make sure that the hygiene- and safetyrules are being read and accepted by your visitors. Besides safety rules you can add for example:

  • Wash and desinfect your hands
  • Do not shake hands
  • Caugh and sneeze in your elbow
  • Keep a safe distance (1,5 meter) from each other

For visitors and contractors that enter your production facility you can even take different and or stricter rules. For example extensive hygiene rules or safetyrules that apply to the safety of the contractor or apply to the job that has to be done.

Corona questionnaire

Many of our customers have integrated the corona questionnaire in the sign-in proces. A couple of questions are asked. For example:

  • Do you currently have a cold?
  • Do you currently have a fever or a body temparature aboven 38 degrees?
  • Did you or a family member get in touch with a Corona patient?
  • Have you recently been to Italy, France, Spain or USA?

The answers and questions are send to the contactperson who can take a decision to accept the visitor or to schedule a new meeting. 

As you can see, EVA visitor registration helps you get started safely when the time is there.

Interested in an online demonstration? Or do you have a need for information? Get in touch with us!