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Digital visitor registration from EVA professionalizes the welcoming of your visitors!

With EVA Visitor Registration software you accelerate the registration process of your visitors and optimize and manage the different visitor flows to your company. From Industry to Chemicals, from Food & Feed to Logistics, from Office to School building. EVA Solutions has the solution for you!

EVA has the best solution for any situation!

You can read about some frequently used applications below

Digital registration at manned or unmanned receptions

Want to welcome your visitors in a professional manner? You can do that with EVA Visitor Registration!

Increase your hospitality, improve privacy and comply with health and safety legislation.


Registration of visitors or mechanics in industry

In the industry, visitor registration is mainly about safety. With EVA you inform visitors about the safety rules.

In the event of a calamity, you will immediately see in the BHV App who is present at your premises.


Registration in the food processing industry

Know which visitors are entering your production and have hygiene rules and health declaration signed. 

This way you comply with guidelines from IFS, BRC and Food Defence.


Driver registration in transport and logistics

Register drivers who come to load or unload in their native language. Improve communication and register the driver with a CMR number and license plate. 

This way you optimize your logistics processes.


The benefits of EVA

Because visitors sign up digitally, they have no insight into previous visitors. Their privacy is guaranteed and you comply with the AVG law. In case of an evacuation, you always have an up-to-date attendance list at hand. And with EVA you can do much more:

Professionalize your visitor reception and increase your hospitality
Realize time savings
EVA ensures you are fully GDPR-proof
Evacuate quickly and effectively with the free emergency (BHV) app
Improve the safety of visitors and contractors
Improve visitor flow for different types of visitors
Limit your liability in case of calamities
Increase the security of your property
Link EVA to your access control or time recording system
Simplify management with Microsoft 365 Azure integration

Thousands of visitors experience EVA’s professional visitor registration system at the offices of our satisfied customers every day.

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Woman at HAMER BV reception, equipped with EVA Bezoekers Registratie.

HAMER BV reception uses EVA Visitor Registration.

Customer experiences

“EVA has enabled us to receive visitors in a safe and correct manner, and they are always wiling to come up with new solutions for specific situations at our site.”


“We use visitor registration on a daily basis. We recently did a fire drill where we were able to test visitor registration using app on our phones. That turned out to work perfectly too. In other words, we couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Van Iperen

“We find the EVA Solutions application to be extremely user-friendly, and in our situation (no receptionist) it turned out to be the perfect solution.”

Healthcare Institution

“The new visitor registration system is fantastic! It’s uncomplicated and very user-friendly.”


“We couldn’t be happier with EVA: an employee who always delivers on her promises and is never cranky or sick!”

Bakkerij Fuite

Why would you choose EVA Solutions?

Choosing EVA means choosing a dedicated and competent team of professionals who guarantee service and high quality levels: a long-term partner who will continue to upgrade and develop its systems in the future. While the fact that we provide full, comprehensive support makes us slightly more expensive than some of our competitors, this approach does allow you to experience a valuable advantage.

Our driven team is dedicated to delivering an A+ customer experience every day. We do so by offering excellent services and phone support by expert advisors for the Dutch and international markets.

In addition, EVA Solutions is socially engaged and supports various charitable organisations.

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