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Optimize the flow of visitors to your company

With EVA's comprehensive visitor management solutions, you have many options for managing your visitor flow. EVA excels in flexibility and provides numerous settings to make the visitor management system fit your situation perfectly.

You can even send your visitors an invitation via Outlook or Google Calendar and reserve a meeting room there directly. 

Different types of visitors and different entrances

Do you distinguish different types of visitors and have multiple entrances or branches?

Then you can send a different invitation for each type of visitor. After all, a visitor to the office may receive different instructions than a mechanic who comes to perform work. Do you have several entrances where you register visitors? In the invitation that is sent from EVA, you can also include instructions on where a visitor should report. For example, you can send mechanics directly to the TD entrance and drivers to the Expedition. This prevents unnecessary traffic movements across your premises.

With EVA, managing your visitor flow is child's play!