Does your company receive visitors such as representatives, customers, (maintenance) mechanics and drivers? Then it is important that you register these visitors. First of all, it is very important to know who is present in your building in case of calamities, because according to the Working Conditions Act (in the Netherlands at least) you are obliged to be able to evacuate properly. Digital visitor registration makes this easy, especially now in the Corona era, registering visitors also makes it possible to track who visited your company and with whom they have been in contact. If a Corona contamination is detected in an employee, it is possible to quickly gain insight via the log book which visitors have been in contact with that person.

Source and contact investigation

If a corona infection has been detected, it is important to trace as soon as possible with whom the person concerned has been in contact. This is mapped out during the Area Health Authority contact investigation (in the Netherlands at least). This concerns the two days prior to the complaints, and the period in which the complaints were already present. The contacts are divided into the following categories: 

  • Housemates 
  • Close contacts 
  • Other contacts 

The rules (Dutch guidelines)

  • The infected person remains in home isolation until he / she is free of complaints for 24 hours and the first day of illness has passed at least 7 days. 
  • Housemates should remain at home after the infected person has gone into isolation. 
  • Close contacts are recommended to stay at home for 10 days and not go to work. 
  • Other contacts are advised, made aware of the importance of good hygiene and advised to keep a close eye on health and stay at home in case of complaints. 

Source GGD)

Friends, family and colleagues fall under the category of close contacts, other contacts are, for example, visitors who visit your company with whom your employee has been in contact during work . Think of job interviews, training and workshops, for example. These visitors could also have been the source and it is more important to inform these people.

From practice

We recently heard from one of our relations how happy they were with EVA when an employee was tested positive. By accessing the log, it was possible to look back with which visitors this employee has been in contact and these visitors could be informed to also have themselves tested. An additional reason to opt for digital visitor registration.

With EVA you are also able to inform your visitors in advance of the COVID measures you are taking and you can better manage visitor flows. Read more about this in the blog "Is your company already Fit-to-visit".